Pawtism exists to provide financial support to those planning to add an autism assistance dog to their family and to raise awareness of the immense potential these animals have to change lives. Pawtism provides grant funding for the express purpose of securing an autism assistance dog in a family’s household. Funds are distributed to verified service dog providers, not to individuals or families. Pawtism grants are up to $5,000. Grant applications are reviewed twice a year: mail your application by June 1 (decisions by the end of July) or December 1 (decisions by the end of January).


You must meet all of the following requirements to be considered for a grant:

*If you have not yet been approved you can still submit an application, however your grant will not be eligible to be awarded until you have a contract with a trainer/agency.



Please return completed application and other required documents by mail to:

Pawtism Inc. PO Box 24202 Winston Salem, NC 27114

If you have questions about the application or process, or would like to have a paper copy of the application mailed to you, please contact us.

Decisions are made on an application by application basis and may be based on factors including total number of applications received, annual amount allocated for grants, and financial need of each family.  Only Pawtism board members will view applications. Information contained in this application will be used exclusively for the purpose of evaluating need and eligibility for a grant. Information shared with Pawtism via grant applications will never be sold, shared outside the organization, or used for any other purpose. We will take reasonable measures to delete/destroy applications received after the conclusion of the grant cycle.